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Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012, 00:16

BF 1942 weekly Mod events FEB 2012 new update check this!

Buddys, let us beware the great BF 1942 mod community, the modder's of this game have to want to give us a great war place they work each days in week for our fun as result as mod.
It gives not second game which making modding also easy and as result aslso lot of fun.
See you on a mod server.:)

BATTLEGROUP 42 1.8beta (5 parts, one after the next install! (27.01.2012)…il_1_von_5.html…il_2_von_5.html…il_3_von_5.html…il_4_von_5.html…il_5_von_5.html

Battlegroup42 - v1.8 Hotfix after then the game works perfect! (63 MB) (29.01.2012)…Patch_29012.rar

Server Name:
[MOB] Server BG42 1.8beta

Server IP:

Eve of Destruction Mod 2.4 release celebrate 3rd Event: Charlie don’t Surf
Each 1st Friday in month we start at 8pm CET the "Charlie don`t surf" Event, this time is the main special, because we want to celebrate the EoD 2.40 Release and the 10 Year anniversary of this mod and game!
Outside of the events, EoD will be each day play at 8pm CET, you are invite!

EVE OF DESTRUCTION 2.40 Vietnam Krieg Mod! Full Client Installer (Part 1 - 3)! (06.02.2012)

EoD 2.4 - Part 1 (1442 MB)

EoD 2.4 - Part 2 (1413 MB)

EoD 2.4 - Part 3 (1341 MB)

Server Name:
[hslan] EoD Classic 2.4

Server IP:

Sunday Night Games BF1918 3.1 Event!
We play it each sunday at 8pm CET.
A Server you can find into your Gamespy Game Browser, where do you can check the Server List.

BF 1918 3.1! All 3 parts one after the next install (19.05.2011)…field_1918.html

SILENT HEROES 1.2 Mod Event runs each Tuesday at 8pm CET, follow us and play.

Silent Heroes 1.2 (3rd WW Skandinavia with german Weapons & vehicles! 20.12.2008…ollversion.html

Server Name:
OPFS SilentHeroes 1.2

Server IP:

Finn Wars 1.82 Mod Event!

Sometimes in week at 5pm CET - 10pm CET play the people this mod!
The Server "FinnWars 1.82- Mediatraffic" is evertime running in CONQUEST.

Finn Wars 1.82 WW2 on skandivanian floor, "Full Download" (29.8.2011)…2_installer.exe

Server Name:
FinnWars 1.82 - Mediatraffic

Server IP:

Two FHSW-Fightnights in 2012 per week!
each Wednesday 6:00pm CET and Sunday 7:00pm CET

FHSW is a Japanese realism Mod Project, they want to got the best from the engine they can.
Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons FHSW 0.42 (FH 0.7 request! After than all 2 parts install one after the next! 25.10.2010)…ull_1_of_2.html…ull_2_of_2.html

FHSW 0.42a Bugfix (12.11.2010)…1011_Client.rar

Server Name: 0.42+MapTweak

Server IP:


You want to join one of the BF 1942 Mod Events?
Got one of your favourite BF 1942 mod for free Download, pimp your good old game and give him new "colour/textures/value/face":


Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod Mappack Event: Each WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY at 7 PM we play the Pixel Mappacks on the FH 0.7 "Pixel Fighters Server".
This mod becomes everybody meet all around the clock played, a lot of fun.
Now you will be need the actually Mappacks for play with us.

Forgotten Hope 0.7 (WW2 Realism, one of the best mods! All 3 parts one after the next install! Request for the FHSW Mod 2.7.2007)…il_1_von_3.html…il_2_von_3.html…il_3_von_3.html

Server Name: FH/RANKED

Server IP: 14567

Mappack Download for the Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod!

1."Pixel Fighters" Mappacks for play at the events:

2.Regular "Fan Mappacks" for play at the events:

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