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Freitag, 12. August 2011, 11:20

CoH Blitzkrieg Mod v4 released!

Die neue Version 4.0 des Blitzkrieg Mods ist jetzt released worden!

Premium User finden den Download wie gewohnt im TS3 Premium Dateibrowser!
( Erst den Mod v4.0 und den Patch v4.01 und dann das Mappack installieren. )


fixed water bug, fixed sync error/drop hack exploit and fixed "teleport bug"
total overhaul of infantry weapons; realistic magazine size, cadence etc.
reworked many other weapons like machine guns, mortars, mines etc.
enhanced AI (uses more abilities and units) by Mettiu
a total of 18 new models and as a result about 20+ new units including some reward units
a total of 40 maps via separate map pack

See the complete changelog below! Sadly we didn´t get rid of the lobby connection bug that appears for games with 4+ players. If anyone has a clue how to fix it we would appreciate every help. There are also some bugs left I was not able to fix:


VET sometimes not shows up
some Pz4 wrecks show missing texture
(this can only be fixed by Eliw00d and will be updated later)
some recrewed heavy weapons (HMG, mortar) still have a poor line of sight
sometimes the 88 refuses to fire when using PE victor targtet ability

Komplettes Changelog:


Bugfixes & Changes:


deactivated the known drop hack key combination "XXX+X"
fixed "water bug": units standing in water no longer get magic armor bonuses and are nearly invincible. Thanks to "Kolaris" for this fix!
fixed pink portrait picture for unmanned Pak 40
Pak 36: reduced accuracy against all infantry (it was way too high compared to all other AT-guns!)
removed all starting AT-guns
Pak 36 now buildable for WM/PE @ HQ
included Mettiu & BoogeyMan`s AI enhancements (WIP)
all buildable snipers limited to 3
removed smoke trails from all smoke mortar rounds
105 mm artillery and mortar smoke greandes now create a longer lasting 30 sec smoke screen
all tank weapons now have the same aiming times (except the Tiger & Pershing ace)
all tankcommanders now have the same hitpoints
fixed some vehicle speeds (thx to Shogi)
rearranged reward unit listings (from lighter to heavier units)
removed tab "medals listing" in reward menue because it has no meaning for BK
renamed menue headline "list of medals" to "customize army" in reward menue
Nebelwerfer now have a teardown-time of 5 sec for the 150 mm and 7 sec for the 210 mm. So now counter fire should have a chance to hit the Neblers before they have changed it`s position after firing.
fixed all missing target tables for small weapons:
You all know the issue: US squads takes MG42 and is able to penetrate heavy german tanks and vice versa. This is due to missing target tables for the new made tables like Kingtiger, Sherman Jumbo, Jagdtiger etc.
I`ve now used a script that complemented all missing target tables to all small arms like HMG, LMG, Rifles etc. So this issue should never appear again.
removed tracers from plane bombs
reworked all population costs for emplacements/non emplacements
edited squad flamethrowers (reduced reload time from 8 to 5sec and raised duration from 0.5 to 1)
removed buggy auto-camo from HMG-teams
added special triggered camo ability for all HMG-teams
reduced damage of small arms (MG, rifles) against emplacements (damage x 0.01)
removed occlusion from all mines
88 gun, lFH18, US 105mm, 25pdr & Flakvierling, FLAK38 & Bofors are now buildible as single unit simultaneous to the fortified ones. Therefore the single unit is buildable in the 1st building menu and the fortified one in the 2nd.
new gametypes "annihilation without popcap", "with 250/200/150 popcap"

made some speechtuning:
PE sniper now has "WM sniper" voice
PE stormpioneer squad now has "WM pioneers" voice
PE heavy W-SS squad now has "WM stormtrooper" voice
WM tankhunters now have "PE heavy AT-grenadiers" voice
WM mortar halftrack now has "PE mortar halftrack" voice
WM 37 mm halftrack now has "PE 37 mm halftrack" voice

sprint abilities changes
reduced normal sprint time to 10 sec
reduced all VET3 based sprint, fireup and suppression breaking abilities sprinting time to 15sec
sprinting squads lost their received_accuracy modifier of 0.75 (now 1.00)

Antispam changes (antispam aura ability)
increased received_accuracy modifier from x1.2 to x1.5
added a received_damage modifier from x1.25

reworked Jpz4, Hetzer & Jagdpanther camo ability:
tank can still set facing while camoed
+10 range, +15 sight, -25% reload time while camoed (like other tanks in AT-mode)
now tank gets revealed after the 2nd shoot (before after 1 shoot)

Enhanced weapon stats:

MG enhancements
added auto camo to all MG-squads
raised the hitpoints for all MG-team gunners from 55 to 90
all MG`s (tripod and emplaced) now have enhanced accuracy, supression & damage against infantry in negative and open cover
raised general supression for all MG`s (tripod and emplaced)
now ground hitting bullets from MG`s (tripod and emplaced) have a suppressing area affect
decreased penetration for all MG`s < against all SdKfz 22x

20 mm KwK enhancements
raised general supression for all 20 mm KwKs (before it was near 0)
all vehilce 20 mm KwK guns now have enhanced accuracy, supression & damage against infantry in negative and open cover
raised damage modifier from x2.0 to x2.5 against infantry in negative and open cover
increased penetration against M8 Greyhound @ medium and short range

Bazooka changes
M6 enhanced Bazooka upgrade now only affects the US AT-team
increased Bazooka accuracy about 10%

reworked mortar & artillery shells
mortar & artillery explosions now have a chance to kill the top-mg gunner of tanks, regardless if it`s a light medium or heavy tank
heavy mortar rounds (US 107 mm, Axis 120 mm, CW 4.2 inch, schwere Wurfgranate & M45 heavy HE) now have an additional tread breaking chance
mortar shells now have a descent incoming sound
reduced mortar team build times as follows:
60 mm: -40 sec
81 mm: -30 sec
>81 mm: -20 sec

More realistic infantry weapon stats:
realistic magazine size, rate of fire, etc. (click here for details)

weapon stats edits for AT-& tank guns against HT/SC:
customized all AT- & tank gun weapon stats to have a smaller damage modifier of x2,5 (instead of x5) against HT/CS. So if an AT/tank gun hits a HT/SC the target has a chance of survival but it will take some serious critical damage:
light engine damage
engine destroyed
destroy 2nd weapon (mostly MG gunners or equal)

reworked rifle grenades:
range and accuracy increased
new Springfield M1903 Grenade Launcher for US Riflemen (thx to TD!)

reworked mines:
removed global mines from all factions
renamed "normal" mines from US to M1A1 Anti-Tank mines
these are available after a WSC upgrade and behave like Tellermines (only activated by vehicles and tanks) but have less damage (2.75 kg TNT instead of 4.5 for Tellermine and CW heavy AT-mine)
added M2 Anti-Personel Mine for US engineers
remamed "normal" mines from CW to Hawkins mine + new ui stuff
WM now has the Stockmine, Schrapnellmine 35 and the Tellermine
all mines now have a tac- & minimap icon. So the player and his mates can see mined positions


decreased Pak 36 HE damage from 80 to 50
fixed Stielgranate 42 Damage mix up (200-150)
Kingtiger with Porsche turret treadbreaker issue fixed
Wehrmacht triage center is no more rotateable during building setup
fixed missing descriptions for the "Marder 1" Panzerjäger 39(h) with 75 mm Pak 40
fixed Panzerjäger 39(h) occlusion
new reward unit: WM Schwimmwagen replacing the motorcycle
like in vanilla CoH. To have these 2 vehilces buildable at the same time is kind of senseless...
new model: Panzer IV Ausf. D (Credits: model by DMz, animation by Eliw00d, skin by relic, modified by Xalibur)
new model: Tiger "late production" (credits to Eliw00d & DMz)
new model: Flakpanzer "Möbelwagen" (credits to Eliw00d & DMz)
new model: Jagdpanzer IV Alkett model replacing the Vomag L/70 in WM defensive doc (credits to Eliw00d & DMz)
replaced the single shot incendiary grenade from mortar halftrack with a single shot "Wurfgranate 40" ability.
This grenade has an explosive weight of 5 kg (0.55 kg compared to the standard Wurfgranate 34) and has the same impact as an 150 mm shell.
removed the requirement for cover to use the "Wurfgranate 40 with Splitterring" (WM def doc only)
WM Tiger ace capture rate increased from 0.4 to 0.8
WM Sd.Kfz. 234/3 speed reduced from 85 to 80 km/h
Grille now gives VET to the tankcommander
removed fire ground button for WM Pak 40 gun-nest
added a timed HE fire ability for the reward Geschützwagen to make it more attractive
removed the "walking Stuka" from the defensive doctrine
increased build time for the Pantherturm
-25% damage for bundled Stielhandgranate against emplaced CW HQ trucks
-75% damage for single Stielhandgranate against emplaced CW HQ trucks
reduced bundled Stielgranate range from 25 to 20 (for comparison: US grenade 25, Stielgranate 30, satchel charge 15)
Sdkfz 234/2 "Puma" changes:
new timed HE mode from Sdkfz 234/2 "Puma"
added a new stationary AT-ability
set the KwK weapon values equal to Pak 38 (same gun)

fixed Stielgranate 42 Damage Mix Up (200-150)
fixed Puma lockdown ability description
fixed WM mortar halftrack description
decreased Pak 36 HE damage from 80 to 50
all SdKfz 251/234 variants and StuH now have own selection groups
removed assault and bundled Stielgranate ability from WM MG42 backup squad
added suppression and throw single Stielgranate ability to WM MG42 backup squad
fixed LFH18 price display / real cost bug
raised motorycle speed from 7 to 8.5 (~85km/h)...(We know it had a top speed of 91 km/h but that`s too fast for CoH)
Motorcycle hitpoints raised from 125 to 150 (Jeep has 185)
reduced reward Henschel Kingtiger costs from 1300/210 to 1200/200


Panzer IV Ausf. F2 is no more able to upgrade side skirts (historical acurate)
decreased Pak 36 HE damage from 80 to 50
tooltip for Jagdtiger "hold facing" ability fixed
fixed "mark target" overlapping bug for JpzIV/L70
HSF is now able to retreat while in "hold ground" mode
HSF is now able to hold fire while in camo
SD-2 Butterfly Bombs occlusion removed
Panzerjäger 39(h) ("Geschuetzwagen"): cost reduction from 650 MP to 500 MP.
changed all 250/x SdKfz target tables to the same the 251/x use.
increased the SdKfz 250/1 MG34 power
Kettenkrad and Schwimmwagen will now be unlocked with T1 OR T2 building (bofore only T1).
Sdkfz 221/222 changes:
Sdkfz 221 damage & suppression set equal to Tank top MG42. Price raised from 240 to 300.
created an new & own target_table for the Sdfkz 221. Now it is more vulnerable to .50 cal. fire
due to a higher frontal armour (30 mm compared to 14 mm) the Sdkfz 222 now has a 90% total frontal protection to .50 cal. fire. Both 221/222 have a high rear penetration chance for the .50 cal.
PE SdkfZ 221 now has additional fuel costs of +10
changed the 221 lockdown upgrade from 25 ammo to 25 manpower cost

fixed the damage modifier of the Nashorn gun against the M36 Jackson (was x1, has to be x5)
Hotchkiss (TH Doc) has no unit occlusion anymore
new model: Beobachtungspanzer IV (credits to Eliw00d & DMz)
new model: Panther Ausf.D2 (credits to Eliw00d, DMz & Medes)
new model: Panther Ausf.G (credits to Eliw00d, DMz & Medes)
new model: Messerschmitt Bf 109 (Credits: model by "Men of War" team, animation by burtondrummerNY, skin by "Men of War" team)
new model: Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch" (Credits: model by "Men of War" team, animation by burtondrummerNY, skin by "Men of War" team)
new model: 210mm Nebelwerfer (Credits: model by Adiya, animation by Eliw00d, skin by GnigruG)
new model: Messerschmitt Bf109 as reward unit replacing the Fw190 (Credits: model by "Men of War" team, animation by burtondrummerNY, skin by "Men of War" team )
fixed PE munitions halftrack image and description
renamed PE Pz4 "infantry support tank" to "Panzer IV Ausf. E"
removed PE PAK38 shared VET
reduced PE G43 suppressive fire reload time from 200+ sec to 30
reduced PE WSS-squad StG44 upgrade costs from 75 mun to 50
changed PE ammo exchange to "100 ammo for 100 fuel" without later income decrease
changed PE fuel exchange to "100 fuel for 100 ammo" without later income decrease
added smoke and victor target barrage to Luftwaffe paradropped mortar
PE HQ grenadiers and elite grenadiers now have different selection groups
new PE Nashorn symbol for better differentiation from Hummel
PE can now produce PAK38 doctrine independant
fixed PE Panzer IV Ausf.E HEAT requirement issue
fixed PE Schwimmwagen target table (used Sdkfz 221 table, now motorcycle)
fixed PE SE Pzjäger 39(H) HE mode
PE mortar 120 mm and Bergetiger are no more single select only
reduced PE SE Panzerjaeger 39(H) call-in price to 500
adapted the WM Panzerjaeger 39(H) new HE feature to the PE SE call-in
removed vCoH Vet system for PE captured 76 mm AT-gun
reworked the PE Sabotage squad:
reduced squad size from 6 to 4
reduced the call-in price from 500 to 350
squad is now equipped with MP40 instead of Kar98
squad now has a leader
raised hitpoints from 70 to 80
squad no longer gets +1 soldier via PE squadsize upgrade


101st Airbornes are now equipped with M1 Carbine (as many wished). They can upgrade with 4 Thompsons straight near the Airborne HQ squad.
fixed M18 Hellcat occlusion
new unit: M8A1 "Scott" (credits to Eliw00d & DMz)
new building: US Fortified observation post
fixed missing Pershing description
price for airborne mortar barrage dropped to 50
Hitpoints of Pershing ace raised from 1000 to 1200 (same like Tiger ace)
M10 hitpoints raised from 400 to 500
fixed US armor attrition ability
now ALL vehicles can be "recycled". Unit recycling raised from 2 to 3 units.
buildable US medics are no more able to capture team wepons
added victor target ability for US captain using the 107 mm mortar emplacements (Infantry doctrine)
107 mm mortar grund hits now creates small craters like 120 mm/4.2 inch mortars
increased Pershing/M36 90 mm gun penetration against Panther about 10%
added M10 tankhunter to US infantry doctrine:
Exchanged the "Jumbo" techtree upgrade with the M10 Wolverine. The Jumbo now get`s unlocked with the normal "Sherman" Upgrade. Therefore the Sherman upgrade CP cost`s are raisded from 1 to 2. The 105 mm Sherman CP cost`s are reduced from 3 to 2 to need the same CP ammount to unlock it as before
added new US M1 81 mm mortar team (infantry doc exclusive), replacing the 60 mm after choosing the infantry doctrine
limit of 101st Airborne to max. 4 squads fixed
M18 Hellcat .50 cal. turret mount range fixed
reduced Recoiless Jeep fuel costs from 10 to 5
Recoiless Jeep now does much more damage (x3, same modifier like Bazookas, Pzfaust & Co.)
Recoiless and .50 cal. Jeep now come additional to the .30 cal. Jeep (still doctrine exclusive) but will not replace it
fixed the US TC bug (he always died when the tank was blown up)
added a Recoiless rifle upgrade for the Riflemen (Limit of 2, only usable if airborne doc is choosen)
added Eliw00ds edit of the M10 Wolverine, removing the missfire bug!
reduced the damage output of the US .50 cal. quad halftrack against halftracks & AC
now the US .50 cal. quad halftrack is able to damage the Sdkfz. 234/x armoured cars (especially from behind)
exchanged the Airborne mortar paradrop from 60 mm to 81 mm (now Ivelios may sleep well this night :D)
dropped the price of the mortar paradrop from 400 to 300 MP
dropped the price of the MG paradrop from 280 to 250 MP
rearranged some Airborne techtree CP allocations
moved .30 cal. LMG upgrade from Riflemen to Rangers
added Springfield Springfield M1903 Grenade Launcher upgrade for the Riflemen (many thx to TD!). The upgrade is limited to 1 and fires auto HE grenades. Via a new submenue HEAT and smoke grenades can be fired additional.
Sherman M4 now no longer needs the CP unlock; therefore the M4A3(76) needs it ;)
added 2x M12 trenchgun (shotgun) to Urban Warfare squad
fixed remanned US 76mm M5 AP/HE upgrades
fixed double grenade ability for UC Captain Rifles call-in squad
limited US airborne spotter squad to max. 3 ingame (like CW spotter)
raised the US airborne spotter price from 120 to 180mp
removed US AT squad message "double sticky bombs" @ Vet4
replaced the US starting MG emplacement with a new 50cal. quad trailer emplacement
split up the Riflemen twin BARs upgrade to 1x BAR upgrade with halfed (45) ammo cost
This upgrade an be purchased 2 time if slots are available. Now you can have the following combinations:
2x BARs
1x BAR, 2x Grease gun
1x BAR, 1x Springfield with Rifle grenades
4x Grease gun
2x Grease gun, 1x Springfield with Rifle grenades

reworked all US doctrines FHQ
Engineers, Riflemen, .30 cal. MG Team, 81 mm Mortar Team, Rangers, Ranger Captain, 57 mm AT-gun
Airborne "normal FHQ":
Engineers, Riflemen, .30 cal. MG Team, 60 mm Mortar Team, 57 mm AT-gun
new Airborne FHQ:
Airborne Sniper paradrop, Airborne Engineers paradrop, Airborne Medic paradrop , Jeep, 57 mm AT-gun, 76 mm AT-gun, Enhancing aura, Air support overwatch
Engineers, Repair Pioneers, Riflemen, .30 cal. MG Team, 60 mm Mortar Team, 57 mm AT-gun, 76 mm AT-gun


CW RAF Typhoon rocket-strike now uses the correct ammount of 8 (instead of 6) rockets and the impacts are closer together making hitting enemy units much easier. Now this strike is capable of destroying bridges.
swapped Firefly "AT-rapidfire" button with "hull down". Now the hull down button shares the same slot like all churchills and can be grouped together
now if you select the Boy-AT carrier as reward unit it also replaced the "normal" Bren carrier in the Tetrarch glider
fixed costs for commando smoke (now 15 ammo)
fixed Vickers Bren Carrier range from 80 to correct 60
removed all CW Jeeps
new unit: Daimler MK.1 credits to Eliw00d & DMz)
new unit: Stuart "Recce" (credits to Eliw00d & DMz)
new unit: Daimler Scout Car (credits to Eliw00d & DMz)
new unit: 75mm M3/T12 "Autocar" halftrack (credits to Eliw00d & DMz)
new unit: SAS Jeep (credits:skin by DMz, Animation by Tankdestroyer )
new unit: C15TA Armoured Truck as reward unit replacing the Kangaroo (Credits: model by Relic/Zeugma, animation by Eliw00d, skin by Zeugma )
fixed damage modifier of the Tetrarch 2 pdr gun against Marder III
Tommy Boys AT occlusion removed
exchanged Churchill MK VII flamethrower / gun. Direct fire now toggles the gun.
price for RCA spotter artillery raised to 75
Hitpoints of Churchill VII raised from 1000 to 1200 (same like Tiger Ace)
Hitpoints of M10 Achilles raised from 400 to 500 (like M10 Wolverine)
rearranged icons for CW tanks. Now flank speed and hull down share the same slots so you can use the abilities while multiple tanks are selected
new selection groups for Churchill tanks
reduced CW Sappers costs to 300 mp
reduced CW Tommy costs to 450 mp
reduced damage of PIAT`s against buildings
fixed the CW Tank-Commander bug (he always died when the tank was blown up)
reduced price for Canadian 76 mm Sherman Battlegroup from 1.400 to 1000 MP
fixed the Churchill MK VII AP-round upgrade. Now the VII comes with upgrade allready applied
new unit: SAS-Jeep with twin Vickers K and Bren LMG replacing the .50 cal. Jeep (credits to DMz & TD)
fixed gliders boys-bren carrier requirement
fixed CW securement team selection group
improoved CW Tetrarch (CS) howitzer accuracy
now all CW tanks have the same hull down ability
fixed CW Royal Engineers 2nd build menu
reduced CW grenade upgrade research time from 45 to 20 sec
replaced the CW starting MG emplacement with a new "naked" Bofors
Heavy Supression Arty no more targetable in HQ territory

Jack Unger


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Freitag, 12. August 2011, 11:24

Der Patch 4.01 des Blitzkrieg Mods ist jetzt released worden!

Premium User finden den Download wie gewohnt im TS3 Premium Dateibrowser!



fixed missing WM Flak38 emplacement portrait picture
fixed missing PE Flakvierling emplacement portrait picture
PE Panther Ausf.G now disappers when choosing a different doctrine than tankhunter
removed incendiary grenades from WM Volks
removed unnecessary incendiary grenades upgrade from WM grenadiers (it`s a global upgrade now)
WM Volks now also need no movement to activate hold ground
removed 2nd sandbag build option for PE Stormpioneers
CW rifle grenades can now be fired out of trenches
fixed US 101 Airborne VET3 enhanced sprint ability
fixed allied VET3 sprint ability spell bug
fixed Jagdpanther reveal camo shots (now 2)
Wirbelwind now looses the sandbag state if AA mode is disabled
fixed C15TA reinforcement ability
all Commandos now reinforce via ground and no more via paradrop (except SAS)

Jack Unger


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Freitag, 12. August 2011, 11:29

Preview Changelog v4.02



fixed missing hold ground ability for grenadiers
SdKfz 234/2 (Puma) now auto-targets infantry again


fixed 105mm howitzer gunnest portrait picture
fixed Captain reinforcement riflemen squad double grenade ability


enabled PE tankhunter grenadier ambush camo in buildings & trenches


Here's a little update, so you guys know what we are working on now. We hope to be able to fix that stuff as soon as possible and might already release another patch next week.

Work in Progress (WIP) bugs right now:

- Lobby Join Bug
- Repeating Sound Bug
- Two exploits, that I won't comment any further to prevent spreading the knowledge about them

Those are the most serious things we are working on now. We are also working on the "regular" bugs, but I just wanted to ensure everyone, that those major bugs above are being adressed right now with the highest priority.

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